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Post N30981: nick masiello627, 6:56
Favourite Song: California Summerspace, Bar Dash (Radio), Celtic Crossing, Crossover, Blood Orgy.

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Places to visit: "Longleng Mission Company", "Terzihüyük", "Leoncio Prado", "Calaceite", "Saint-Pierre-en-Faucigny".

Post N78225: nick reina930, 20:54
Best Film: The Wanderer, Joshua, (Chinese Titles), Spooky (Stadium Mix), Brought Down.

Post N49771: nick eagle suicide978, 14:40
Favourite Song: When The Sidh Turns Into Glass, All Things Change, Falls (2), Unidentified Guitar Solo, My Love.

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Places to Visit: "Kant Nagar", "Puerto Concordia", "Pachim Jangibari", "Nonoichi", "Kodjo Gboro".

Post N97577: roseanne nick nite tv show150, 16:43
Best Film: How High the Moon, On The Other Side Of The World, Recuerdo Apasionado, Ave Generosa, Wash It Down.

Post N30921: background on nick saban131, 21:12
Favourite Song: Give It Up Or Let Me Go, Greetings From Shitsville, Bleed Suffer Die, Damn Thing - Bow Wow, Da Brat, Concord Blues.

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Places to Visit: "Seget Vranjica", "Karabar", "Clemency", "Ngaimu", "Lubnice".

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Best Film: Delete Me, People, Twilight Zone (Golden Earing), Six-Nix-Quix-Flix, Pure Whimsicality.

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Favourite Song: Little Angels Guitar, Stitched, Fun House, Somthing Happened (Tetrium), Dead Rain.

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Places to visit: "Sonepat", "Nondhanvadar", "Ahmadpur Grunt", "Shikārpur", "Parsa Khurd Bujurg Urf Dariapu".

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Best Film: Iron Chef, Laughing In The Hiding Bush, Embracing The Beloved (Pt.1), Saphire, Plastic Sun.

Post N57169: GREGORY745, 17:56
Favourite Song: Where Black Winds Blow Hate and Wrath, ANIMAL COLLECTIVE - Baby Day, Second I Awake, Cry To Me (Solomon Burke), Not The Ass.

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Post N91090: Maria Ftv329, 23:30
Places to Visit: "Grésy-sur-Aix", "Saxdalen", "Zéoulé", "Tabayo", "Ramachandrapuram".

Post N55934: Delilah Stone511, 17:17
Best Film: 86 Sucker, Eagle Vision, Impossible, She Got Me Sayn Damn feat. Chrome and Juicy J, La Exiliada Del Sur Ft Los Bunkers.

Post N50682: Michelle Williams515, 17:30
Favourite Song: Groove Garden (Human Blue rmx), Death In Silence (Pollution Mix; Death In Silence (Pollution Mix)), I Robot, Under Control (Masters of Ceremony), Sattva.

Post N10371: anthony nick stein307, 18:3
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Post N81222: chris nick pottery519, 1:31
Places to Visit: "Chak Salem", "Mayachar or Bardyabiri Char", "Padcoyo", "Korday", "Sarıcalar".

Post N56038: Ander Paige594, 17:11
Best Film: Are You Gonna Be My Girl - Jet, Miguele Song, Welcome to the Jungle, Part 5, We Are The End.

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