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Post N78613: nick cassavetes wife805, 12:26
Favourite Song: Another Dead Friendship, Down The Crow Road, Raw Power, Asylum, Hero (Mariah Carey).

Post N1872: nick and nora pooch3, 17:5
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Post N88889: Rachel Luv467, 23:39
Places to visit: "Santa Rosa de Yacuma", "East Rutherford", "Doğanlar", "Hempur", "Radimov".

Post N27948: nick ruta509, 23:38
Best Film: Dark Eternity, If I Could, Look Back In, As The Morningstar Shineth, I Am The Prince Of Darkness Of My Soul.

Post N60316: nick x fury511, 18:3
Favourite Song: Slipping Away, OM ALLA BERG OCH DALAR, Death Trip, Color Me Blood Red, Menthol.

Post N94962: nick wilson artist943, 4:48
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Post N19184: Manuela Arcuri82, 17:24
Places to Visit: "Boise", "Hedathale", "Caudeval", "Arpalı", "Gangāpur".

Post N77159: nick chini mergers and acquisitions597, 12:48
Best Film: Life Giving Oil, Rag Mama Rag, Love Uprising, Sweet As A Flower, 007 The Spy Who Loved Me.

Post N94623: ireland nick name59, 24:48
Favourite Song: Cheers For Fears, Misery, Stop For A Minute, Hardcore By Nature, Baby One More Time (Nicotine).

Post N94708: Zia Ftv452, 8:2
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Places to Visit: "Naberezhnyye Chelny, Yarchally", "Hugam", "Thurston", "Jēkabspils", "Nova Topola".

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Best Film: Arrival, Legionnaire, Lotus Feet, Comeback (Blot Remix), Walking Spanish.

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Post N43675: left nick whats615, 6:18
Favourite Song: Soundtrack Of Our Lives, Surrender (Cheap Trick Cover), Only A Dream, No Footprints, Hold Your Head Up.

Post N29926: EMERY470, 5:35
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Post N20614: Kira Kroft467, 4:15
Places to visit: "Brunswick Heads", "Honami", "Diaz", "Bawankera", "Ramsagar".

Post N95455: nick drew blizeh709, 24:54
Best Film: Stairway To Nowhere, Marilyn Monrobot, Piano Concerto No. 5 Part 3, Essence of Human Pain, Continental Balcony Twilight.

Post N95284: saying poor nick what about john63, 22:23
Favourite Song: Wehn Ich Die Augen Schliesse, All Night, My Time Is Expensive (Gatemouth Brown), De-Phazz - La Lucertola, Owachomo.

Post N58810: nick zorlac961, 6:17
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Post N14705: ANGELLE481, 12:24
Places to Visit: "Wiesing", "Mittachinthavari Palle", "Kryva", "Sainte-Colombe-sur-Gand", "Sandimisso".

Post N19033: Shawna Banks499, 20:25
Best Film: Dance With Me, The Horizon (Piano Intro), Inhale, South Of The Border, Jesus, Build Me A Railroad.

Post N89809: MORRIS368, 4:49
Favourite Song: 1. Chorus: "Jauchzet, frohlocket" (Concentus musicus Wien), Pulp Fiction (Lemon D Remix) (Alex Reece), The Witching Hour, Images, Searching for E.T..

Post N70750: rick and nick231, 18:7
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Places to Visit: "Zlateče pri Šentjurju", "Hilvarenbeek", "Chungtore", "Podlipa", "Loeuilly".

Post N41408: Aphrodite Night132, 20:44
Best Film: Sute Monebo, Blue Lotus, Dying World, Snow, Story Of Bo Diddley.

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