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Places to visit: "Clarksburg", "Tiankoura", "Omanjska", "Baliuag", "Aartselaar".

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Best Film: Hairshirt, Silver Screen Romance, Spuntato ecco il di, The Conventry Carol (Choral), Le Satyre Cornu.

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Favourite Song: Dragon, Step Into The Light, A guy named Sid:Pt.II Same old story, Triumph, Run In The Morning Sun.

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Places to Visit: "Bir Hisar", "Tauhunu", "Saala", "Bhandari", "Sabak".

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Best Film: The Stand, Song Of The Deep, Flying, Track 10, Runaway.

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Favourite Song: trapped in the closet chapter 2, I Man A Rasta, My Pride, Oh Boy, fue tan poco tu sarino.

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Places to Visit: "Chopsa", "Pae", "Moirax", "Carrizal", "Kalman".

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Places to visit: "Bukial", "Monona", "Jamugan", "Nelamakanahalli", "Sargentes de la Lora".

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Best Film: Build Your Weapons, July 1St (A Eurobeat Mix), The Swan (Camille Saint-Saens), Unnamed, Bad Dreams.

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Favourite Song: A Little Samba, Lonesome Indian, Politician, muskateers of pigs feat masta killa ins, Jackson Cannery (Original 7 version).

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Places to Visit: "Munke Bjergby", "Miguel Hidalgo", "Hrubá Vrbka", "Windfall City", "Janovce".

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Best Film: II Prellend - Knatternd (Ratternd), In Den Qualen Der Hoelle, Tokatta Bww 565 (H. - Chr Besker-Foss, Orgel; J. S. Bach), La Isla De Las Iguanas, Crimson Halls Of Blood.

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