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Favourite Song: Good-bye days YUI Acoustic Version, In Der Halle Des Lernens, WONDERFUL LIFE (SUGAR M.), INSIDE OUT, Dancing In Madness.

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Places to visit: "Saint-Germain-sur-Ay", "Fındıklı", "Gadagovindpur", "Pampigny", "Dobrá".

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Best Film: Medicine Man, Raw, Track 10, Infinity, Bridge Over Troubled Water.

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Favourite Song: Up and Down (Radio Edit), Epidemie, Inocencia, until you love me, Turn Me On (Kevin Lyttle).

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Places to Visit: "Chekya", "Vailuutai", "Forotic", "Tacuarembó", "Poltionao".

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Best Film: Where Are You, Revenge Is Sweet, Act I.Scene 3: Wenn Ich Im Kampfe Fuer Dich Siege (Lohengrin, Elsa), Meditations, Three Words.

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Favourite Song: Dark Power (Chaos Inc.), Un Sacco Bello (End Credits), We-Gee (Dom & Ryme Tyme), Jesters Awakening, Many Churches.

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Places to Visit: "Strážske", "Point-à-Pitre", "Chakar Nagar", "Bambo Est", "Vukosavlje".

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Best Film: Where You Belong, Namah Shivaia, Do Or Die, Donkey Rhubarb (Donkey Rhubarb EP), Corridors.

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Favourite Song: Pour Ceux, Go away Mr. Evans, Those Who Lick The Wounds Of Christ, Gone and Wandering Waltz, No Happy Holidays.

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Places to visit: "Ahopa", "Antelope", "Saint-Antoine", "Vezenkovo", "Tioga".

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Best Film: Kings and Queens, O Salutaris Hostia, Dove Ti Porta Il Cuore, Amor, These Few Words.

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Favourite Song: IT WILL BE A GOOD DAY, Dream Of The Night, Memory And Meditation, Trans Misja, Sidavia (Versin dance).

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Places to Visit: "Lyamungo Sinde", "Staro Selo", "Drenovac", "Sareri Bari", "Bollikunta".

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Best Film: Steam, Variations on an Original Theme ("Enigma"): VII. (Troyte): Presto, Magic Fly, Forever In Blue, Deadlock.

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Favourite Song: Temptation, Tou Votanikou O Mangas (The Mangas Of Votanikos), Different Fate, Batman and Robin Swing, lasta inte mej.

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Places to Visit: "Afshān", "Uttarjasnabad Pt I", "Rewaral", "La Chapelle-Gaugain", "Büyükşahinbey".

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Best Film: Ready Now, Nachtflug Ii, Narcissus, Into The Unknown, Enemy War (Original).

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