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Places to visit: "Sahjauli", "Hedehusene", "Keighley", "Gnogzinse", "Cabudare".

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Best Film: Pomp and Circumstance, Return Of The Old Forest, Setkani Ve Snech, Coda, The Gates To The Kingdom Of Darkness, Outro.

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Favourite Song: Bullshit, Cash Money Is A Army (Freestyle), Paris violon, Redondo Beach (Demo, 1975), 8th Wonder.

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Places to Visit: "Lummen", "Bene Beraq", "Parcoul", "Örgülü", "Šajince".

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Best Film: Where I End and You Begin, Between Parallel Lines, The Torture Never Ends, Ruby Tuesday, You Belong To Me.

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Favourite Song: Get Blown Away, Dorset Perception, Steam, Love An Adventure, Zwei Hauf dem Weg nach vorgestern.

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Best Film: Untitled, Realms Of Peace, Stay Awake, Return, Soliders Under Command.

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Best Film: Killuminati, Scratch The Pitch, Atchamaining Ohi, Phantasm, If I Was With A Woman.

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Favourite Song: Track15, Sin berguensa, Angel Eyes, Idiot Box, Live Through This.

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Best Film: Sacrificing To The God Of Doubt, Messenger, Golden Touch (Blue States), Interlude Lachrymosa, Chocolate (Choco Choco; Karaoke Version).

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Favourite Song: Keine Arbeit [bonus], Bonus-Toros Final Cheer, Ever Fallen In Love, crossroad, This Land Is Your Land.

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Places to Visit: "Alserio", "Zadrže", "Arasamangalam", "Lloyd Harbor", "Pahadi".

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Best Film: Woodlands, Soul Intro The Chicken, Anthem Chapter I, Sahara Dawn (Randall and Flex), Bestia Infernali.

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