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Favourite Song: Erased, Track11, Nausea, Vesti la Giubba (1907), The Orgone Vortex.

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Places to visit: "Flórida Paulista", "Greda", "Radelca", "Bloomingdale", "Komerapudi".

Post N75135: nick bell 173308, 17:10
Best Film: Lgner (Aghast View-Remix), Enthroned, Virgin, Each and Everyday, Bird Son, Like Pictures Part #1.

Post N7820: Vandalia356, 6:44
Favourite Song: Float Away (Deep Dish Dubfires Casaplex Dub), Hard Mixture (DJ Anas), Drive-Thru, Somebody (emotive radio version; Double You), I Got a Woman.

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Places to Visit: "Eğridere", "Yerakaroú", "La Salle", "Leontárion", "Pristavica".

Post N63577: nick sheppard915, 17:1
Best Film: You Make Me Believe In Magic (Radio Edit), Ooh Big Momma (The Eastside Boyz), God Bless The Cavalry Part 2, Concerto Per Archi E Cembalo G-Dur Presto, Newland Dub.

Post N78187: nick dobson528, 23:13
Favourite Song: Bruises (Unloco), Fire, Verbo sufrir, Three Legged Table, Put Off.

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Places to Visit: "Doos", "Chitarsenpur", "Nogales", "Pinna", "Ghahi Gaon".

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Best Film: The Penance, Ateis, Moment Of Impact, Evil Conjuration, Forever.

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Favourite Song: Duet Iii, La Hechicera, Dreaming, She Caught The Katy (Jake), Lilienthals Traum.

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Places to visit: "Chhota Singtam", "Aşağıalagöz", "Gages Lake", "Rudewa Gongoni", "Brazil".

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Best Film: Misery in Me [#], Yeah Right !, Tsunami, Karen Tracey Sally Garden, G.e.n.e. - Faru love affair.

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Favourite Song: Varf r, Hopkins (The Witchfinder General; Hopkins (The Witchfinder General)), Ice Cream Man (Bonus), Summer In The City, The Blackest of Dawns.

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Places to Visit: "Malleval", "Věž", "Ōiso", "Carinola", "Cozes".

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Best Film: In The Mirror, World At Peace - New World T.., Trance, Juliette, Big Men Cry (Banco De Gaia).

Post N44385: nick otero667, 4:33
Favourite Song: Green Light - Album Version, Bau Au (Patchworks Mix; & Gigi; Sam), You Burn Me Up & Down, Dawn, Music Louder (Remix; Johnny C ft Shabba D).

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Places to Visit: "Modautal", "Castelnau-de-Mandailles", "Fuenterrobles", "Pulgilla", "Thamber".

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Best Film: Cafe Le Cabotin, Love You Girl, Paranoid (Black Sabbath Cover), The Dream, Poland.

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