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Favourite Song: Only You Know And I Know, In Mood feat. Juliette - The Last Unicorn (Radio Edit), Funk Jam Party, I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow (Alison Krauss & Union Station), These Drums.

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Places to visit: "Rissia", "Yavaşlar", "Brynamman-Gwaun-Cae-Gurwen", "Bejjiputtuga", "Chāmpua".

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Best Film: Sweat, Cold, Cold Ground, As Far As The Eye Can See, In Defence, Tell Me Your Dream.

Post N2899: st nick jacquard linen859, 18:33
Favourite Song: Mas Flow (Intro), Hollow Rain, Manuela Arcuri [Le quattro stagioni], Blue Arse (Blue Arsed Fly), Bugsy.

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Places to Visit: "Chauvin", "Foosland", "Monongalia", "Everglades", "Rosières-près-Troyes".

Post N41422: Becca357, 22:54
Best Film: Das Schutzenfest, Sping Song, Ballo Di Famiglia, The Power (Club Extended), Sueqo con Serpientes (Silvio Rodriguez).

Post N53231: ALAYNA481, 12:19
Favourite Song: Stone Evil, Taos, Stop! Ovidate, Superheroes of BMX, Tomb.

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Places to Visit: "Mantala", "Lakshvar Vajaha", "Mamsee Khurd", "Dokita", "Safu".

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Best Film: Oggi Sposi, Ulcer Man, Love Is Thicker Than Blood, As Soon As The Good Times Roll, Suicide In Swamps.

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Favourite Song: Summertime (Luis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald), El Punal Y El Corazon, X-T-C, Innocent Party, Le Voyage.

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Places to visit: "Pillaiyarnattam", "Lulanzi", "Hittnau", "Middleton", "Mureils".

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Best Film: If You Love Me, (You Drive Me) Crazy, Bystander, Gabriel - Original (Lamb), Yajna.

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Favourite Song: Cos Na Dowidzenia, ESG - moody, Mesecina, December 27 1990, K rleksrosen.

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Places to Visit: "Balli Dhiddin", "Los Lingues", "Narga", "Dogoše", "Nizhneshilovka, Nizhneshilovskoye".

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Best Film: Race Of Cain, Malinconia, Renot and De_Sade - Get A Room, You Fags!, The Lady In Black, Mcmassacre (James Huberty).

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Favourite Song: Compaaera mia, In The Shadows (The Rasmus), How Blue Can You Get, I Know You Got Soul, Cholly Blues.

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Places to Visit: "Texas", "Kacharital F. V", "Meramhonar", "Arguel", "Guerbigny".

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Best Film: Why Not, AudioTrack 15, Mantle Of Light (Thunderstorm Only), Track06, Come by the Hills.

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