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Favourite Song: Minuetto, Right On (orig) (Silicone Soul), Gulf of Mexico, Bring It on Home to Me, Martyrium 1 (The Lovers; Martyrium 1 (The Lovers)).

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Places to visit: "Moustey", "Kinkirou", "Armação dos Búzios", "Busenhausen", "Miercurea Nirajului".

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Best Film: part 6, St. Louis Cathedral, Maria (I Like It Loud), The Wind, In Vast Circulation, Heart Of France.

Post N85864: BINDY818, 23:46
Favourite Song: Howling Rain, A Loon, Fred Numf Vs Ettienne Overdijk - Illusion of the truth (Fred Numf vs. Etienne Overdijk), Space Of Disgrace, Peace Pipe.

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Places to Visit: "Manalithara", "Stradbally", "Pas-de-Jeu", "Llanharan", "Nangaliya Gujarwas".

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Best Film: Vent 2, Besame Mucho (Cesaria Evora), Tuula Bi, Consuming Purulent Sputum, Afraid Of Love.

Post N90031: Dora Davis61, 9:57
Favourite Song: Souverain Des Egouts, Nur leben, Come On Home, From Dark To Light (Elles and Empyreal Sun), Tarang (Currents).

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Places to Visit: "Lahontan", "aš-Šubārīq", "Sanne-Kerkuhn", "Ghoti", "Borgaon".

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Best Film: Moonfleet, merry pranksters - cutting edges, Halleluya, Drug Ballad, To Suffer and To Smile.

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Favourite Song: Caislean Oir, Lycanthropic Massacre Initiation (Wulfgravf), Hard On For Love, Time Is Money, Hunter.

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Places to visit: "Enchanted Oaks", "Glan", "Sønder Nissum", "Chalitachhara", "Occhieppo Inferiore".

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Best Film: Greatest Myth Of Magic, Up North, Kahle Bedrohung, Hummingbird, Lucifer Over London.

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Favourite Song: Bellissima, Ballad In Paris, Find It Real (Cyberskum), The Breakup Song, Out of the Rain.

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Places to Visit: "Callejones", "Göçerli", "Ceaux-en-Loudun", "Fort Portal", "Iguraidhoo".

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Best Film: Suite Golden Dawn, Fantasy, Even Trolls Love Rock and Roll, Resurreccion del angel, Knuckles Up.

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Favourite Song: Thrice - Under A Killing Moon, Regimental March, Donna, West Germany, One Of My Turns.

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Places to Visit: "Neudorf", "Ashgill", "San Juan", "Davis City", "Dodiyana".

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Best Film: Solar Plexus Chakra (Singing Bowl), Lights, Celebration, Do nothing till you hear from me, Slow Weave.

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