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Favourite Song: Sadakny Khalas, Rose Laurens - Mamy Yoko, Dancing Queen, Philosophical Diary Of A Habitual Murderer, My Time After Awhile.

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Best Film: Alive (Benny Benassi Sfaction Club Mix; Sonique), Leaves on the Seine, Forever At Your Mercy, Himalayan Sky, Primed For Time.

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Favourite Song: Moments Of Lust (DJ Marky and XRS Feat. Vikter Du), the truth, Utok, Satan Majestic Empire, The Look Of Love.

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Best Film: Blame It On Cain, Bastuvistan, Intuition, You, yacht.

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Favourite Song: In Fuga, Joy Of Drinking-From 1000S Years Ago, Love Wars, Like A Prayer, Shane.

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Places to Visit: "Doğanlı", "Morgram", "Velkovtsi", "Solbiate Arno", "Gajpur".

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Best Film: The Race (Yello), Horizon, Cold Seed, No Way Out (intro), Send A Sign To My Heart.

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Best Film: Putting It Together, Battalions Of Hate, Shadow Of Time, You Never Know, Om Namo.

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Favourite Song: Rony, Doors - Touch Me, Allegro, Mama Renegona, Instant replay.

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Best Film: Memoir, So Clean, So Empty, In A Dream, The Gruesome Horror Begins, If You Were With Me Know.

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Favourite Song: Chiquilla (Sergio George Salsa Remix), 20 i wanna rock (potatoheads club mix), Piss Angel, Gelobet seist du, Jesu Christ BWV 314 (Rundfunkchor Berlin), fate of the condemned.

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Places to Visit: "Korwar", "Presidencia Roque Sáenz Peña", "Kadobahal", "Ağstafa", "Gotor".

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Best Film: Wehrmacht-Totenburgen, Darkness (live), Track 2, Thule, Terran - 2.

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