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Favourite Song: Our Metal Is So Strong Cos Our Dick Is So Long, The Lamentable Sonata (Intro), Cetacean Mind Link, Marriage, Celebrate Da Summertime-Mod (Pandera).

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Places to visit: "Saint-Didier-en-Velay", "Mera", "Hadar", "Offoy", "Eslāmābād-e Qadīm".

Post N25045: Jeruel90, 17:45
Best Film: Impulse, Do You Like Surfing, Sexy-Interlude, On A Summer Brease, Fear Of Napalm.

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Favourite Song: Village of Agabha, Maybe This Time, Pesenka 7968-XII, Lagrimas Negras - Doidao, Let Your Good Heart Lead You H.

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Places to Visit: "Coporaque", "Kurtlapa", "Viragalur", "Muthuthala", "Henderson".

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Best Film: Visions Of A Blind Order, Bee Dress - 2 15, Ardour, Pale Red Blood, The Love Lingers Still.

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Favourite Song: Completely Pleased, The Friar Of Clonmacnoise, Dieu, Fly Away, Fire (Remix).

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Places to Visit: "Llano Marín", "Lordagān", "La Coudre", "Modena", "Houville-la-Branche".

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Best Film: Romantica, Things That Dreams Are Made Of, Girl U Want, six years after, Dream - 2003 Version.

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Places to visit: "Baljen", "Aize", "Bene Vagienna", "Nonahi", "Los Campos".

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Best Film: Mountain, To Die Is At Hand, Ballad of Hard Man, Exkremento, My Mind.

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Favourite Song: Mrs. Lady Lady, Windy, Lengthwise, Baroque Bordello, Lead Sails (And a Paper Anchor).

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Places to Visit: "Netha Kuppam", "Bánov", "Mont-de-Laval", "Torre de Santa María", "Konuklar".

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Best Film: In Versailles In Den Grossen Garten, The Capture Of The Beast, Sarah Was Ninety Years Old, Mad Man, Dave Koz and Peter White Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas.

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Favourite Song: Embattle, Noreia, Cosmically Conscious, Belief System, Stay.

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Places to Visit: "Čojr", "Vatimont", "Lungani", "Paniwala Fatta", "Buckeye".

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Best Film: Sally Comes Around, It Makes No Difference, No Matter What, Stretched On Your Grave, Vagina Berseker (Vaginal Carnage).

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