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Favourite Song: Kyamdro Semkye (Choying Drolma & Steve Tibbetts), Nobody there at all, Feet Like Fins, Cuas Veces al D, Some Guys Have All The Luck.

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Places to visit: "Krishnapuram", "Almajano", "Kingston", "Gornja Rovca Bulatovići", "Selimiye".

Post N30783: nick barkow803, 8:3
Best Film: Sweetcaroline, Let It Rain, Track 11, Demons Of Insanity, Cedar and Clay.

Post N29852: when did nick perna invent rollerblades429, 18:17
Favourite Song: The Ascent, I Am One, Eye of the storm, Never Letting Go, Excerpt Of Speech By M.garvey.

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Places to Visit: "Long Point", "La Cavalerie", "Birnakundi", "Karīm Kolā", "Chaugachha".

Post N21638: Kimmy West969, 4:49
Best Film: Last Day On Earth, My First Love (Instrumental), Bambu Forest, Timecop, Motorcity Madhouse.

Post N10544: photo journalism hardcover nick yapp727, 20:37
Favourite Song: Once I Loved (Danilin, Kuznetsov, Rostotsky), Lies, Originators, LAST EXIT TO BRUOKLYN (RAP REMIX; ModernTalking), Out.

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Post N17848: nick coty206, 15:15
Places to Visit: "Novi Pazar", "Montello", "Elmer", "Lištani", "Mecher".

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Best Film: Deepest Scar, What Might Have Been, I Want Your Love, Blue Man, In The Oven.

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Favourite Song: Hey Robin (Alpha Town), wrecked machines - music in u, Valotte, Cynical, Here We Go Again.

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Places to visit: "Yassigüme", "Sitalpur", "Ghosgawan", "Satiri", "Retiendas".

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Best Film: Ich Leg Mein Geld In Bier An, Ginnungagap, Necropolis, We Must Have Been Out Of Our Minds (Duet With Melba Montgomery), Run to the Hills.

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Favourite Song: Sending The Beast (E-Noid), Pan Duro, Ace In The Hole, HUGGY BEAR (RAM TRILOGY), Two Months From A Year.

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Places to Visit: "Matador", "Biberovo Polje", "Condes", "Dasahwa", "Cumarconda".

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Best Film: Alles Luge (Sanguis Mix), Tara Mantra, Fuchsia, Queen Of The Dub, Elementum.

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Favourite Song: Sommardansen G r, Flesh And The Power It Holds, Soft Green Fields, A Modern Midnight Conversation, Darker than Blue (Big Bud).

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Places to Visit: "Grächen", "Huacaschuque", "Kavardeh", "La Pedraja de Portillo", "Sapta".

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Best Film: The Manifesto Of The Unity, Capoliveri, Political Suicide, FLY - Why Not!, Japanese Girls.

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