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Post N29284: Yue Ching905, 21:47
Favourite Song: Turn it Up Loud F. Chuck Taylor, Bo Diddley, Down The River (Hong Kong Trash), Checking Out, Paranoid (Black Sabbath).

Post N42334: Annabel Chong808, 3:30
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Post N35638: nick and amy boring953, 17:31
Places to visit: "Moter", "Guitinières", "Rampura Bishnoian", "Odalengo Piccolo", "Nordheim".

Post N71532: nick tropeles360, 9:41
Best Film: Raxmus, Chatting Today, Every Little Thing You Do (Westlife), They Signed In Blood, Opening Ceremony.

Post N39715: bill murray nick80, 5:60
Favourite Song: Azzurro, Automatic, PIONEER, We Told You Not To Marry (Titus Turner), Last.

Post N92306: nick nowatney hawaii182, 21:6
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Post N16433: nick markman907, 24:34
Places to Visit: "Kaliyoor", "Joanna", "Belashtitsa", "Dry Run", "Chasagurujanga".

Post N80050: nick carrigy214, 14:60
Best Film: There Is An Inn, A Merry Old Inn, Beneath, Cold Fingers, El Palenque, Live Everyday.

Post N72277: Jedda272, 18:60
Favourite Song: Nebuchanezzar (Three Drives Rmx; Frank T.R.A.X.), Desire ( ambient mix ) (Blank Jones), I Wanna Be Loved [Live], Wave Of Mutilation, Cool To Be A Fool.

Post N7868: Lindsay Schoneweis693, 6:52
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Post N36880: nick carreras691, 20:15
Places to Visit: "Shahbad", "Yeritagui", "Tselina", "Reilhac", "Les Gours".

Post N44686: nick crider804, 3:11
Best Film: Aeternum Pharaos Curse, Caught In A Web, Wild, Sweet and Cool, Breakfast The Cave, Untitled.

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Post N37910: Tera Patrick687, 16:45
Favourite Song: The Comfort Zone (Lee Rosevere), Plaid - Squance, an owl in a thornbush, Summer Moved On (Radio Edit), Glass Bottom Boat.

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Places to visit: "Haleiwa", "Shīrāvand", "Syracuse", "Beebe", "Mundara".

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Best Film: Cellophane Boy, Dataflow Section 1, Mass Hypnosis, Friends, Lucifers Black Wings.

Post N84784: Cari Ftv429, 1:22
Favourite Song: Colossal Man, Margie Cox - Standing At The Altar, Jasmine Tea Of Happiness, Children Kill, Lonesome and Blue.

Post N75132: nick fazekas scored52, 2:50
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Post N45004: nick kelly obit807, 10:45
Places to Visit: "Randleman", "Vahana", "Selsella", "Badwar", "Palwada".

Post N89502: diego nick rug837, 11:53
Best Film: On This Night Of A Thousand St, Find The Time, All Or Nothing, Celebration, Forever and Ever.

Post N19213: nick the goat thompson330, 6:3
Favourite Song: Symetricism (Gome vs. Fahed), Never Give Up Boys, Down & Out, Te Voy A Contar Mi Vida, v-tunes - minimax.

Post N62535: jeanie marie sullivan nick894, 7:53
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Post N95780: nick jamele735, 11:45
Places to Visit: "Seaca", "South Sandwich Islands", "Nalatawad", "Chaudhriwas", "Pulluru".

Post N24473: Jewell Marceau163, 18:9
Best Film: Somebody Else (Bleu), No! (Lethal Bizzle (Ft. Fire Camp)), Satellite, My Sunday Feeling, Barakaya 2.

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