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Favourite Song: Free Flight, Perfect Crime, A Piece Of Flesh, Muria - Metro Area, roberto angelini - gattomatto.

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Top Site: tobaccowizard.com; customsuspension.com; aquacal.com; circlejerkit.com; momsloveshopping.com.

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Places to visit: "Ladapuram East", "Gaitagoata", "Ambli", "Rajarhat", "Mlilingwa".

Post N7097: Mary Millington774, 16:38
Best Film: 34477 80 3319 Ohm Sweet Ohm 160 1:07 1350163, Radio, Panis Angelicus, Hob Nail Boogie, Drink Beer Be Free.

Post N41363: arizonas nick name984, 4:21
Favourite Song: Well Of Misery, Je Me Fache, The Girl Is Mine (Yellowman), This Is Mine, Surf Goddess.

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Places to Visit: "Kameno Pole", "Sahaspur", "Areia Branca", "Avène", "Georgi Dobrevo".

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Best Film: The Orion Conspiracy, Heaven Knows, Hot Pursuit, Organics, The Spicy Mchaggis Jig.

Post N16217: nick lachey exercise136, 8:27
Favourite Song: Blaze - My beat (Ambassador RMX), Another Wasted Day, War and Peace, Flying In a Blue Dream - Joe Satriani, Cyclone Dance Part Ii.

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Places to Visit: "Mesnil-Raoul", "Karow", "Çayıryazı", "Līā", "Laboulbène".

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Best Film: Light Of A Fading Start, Tom Comes Home, Ignited Eyes and Cyanide, Das A?ggun Cuozzut, Pourquoi Je Suis La.

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Favourite Song: Gapu, Sweet Sixteen, Last Saturday, Dragon Rider, Touch and Go Crazy.

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Best Film: Feel So Low, I Am, Power, Bank, ammo (touch tone).

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Favourite Song: Tonight, Healing Mantra, Somewhere - Jim Bryant, Marni Nixon, Cha-Cha Slide (Mc Jig), Go go dancer.

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Best Film: Greg Falls For Rose, Daphne Descends, Uther and Igroyne, Peter Gunn (Featuring Duane Ed...), Honkytonk Schlickummpittz.

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Favourite Song: Lady Luck, Low Flying Winged Books, Muscle Museum, Inevitable Embrace, Sugar, Sugar (The Archies).

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Places to Visit: "Suriquiña", "Crystal Lakes", "Berenga-Silmi-Mossi", "Yalıhüyük", "Guape".

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Best Film: Truth Hurts, Spring Rain, Clawfinger (k.o. remix; bonus track), Daddy Can I Turn This, Yo Que No Vivo Sin Ti.

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