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Favourite Song: Twenty Flight Rock, Enchantment, Track06, She Give Me, Crystal Blue.

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Places to visit: "Inicbulan", "Thanam", "Yanagawa", "Belmont", "Bādejān".

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Best Film: Needy (Acoustic), Old Brown Shoe, Check It Out, King Alcohol, Land of Dieing Dreams.

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Favourite Song: The Five-Fifteen, Art Of Horrification, your fuckin headsplit, Who We Be (Dmx), AudioTrack 05.

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Places to Visit: "Lexington", "Olukkoyağı", "Terra Alta", "San Jorge", "Koparia".

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Best Film: Live Fast Die Young, Hangar 18, Moon River, Cosmic Reflections, Cell #33.

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Favourite Song: Ojos Asi, Starstruck (Rainbow), Humppaaima, Thank You Jack White (For The Fiber-Optic Jesus That You Gave Me), Soul Skin.

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Best Film: O Meu Amor, Like Tooth Decay, Caliente, One Way Ticket, House Of Silence.

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Favourite Song: Thrashers (From Kill As One Demo), All Or Nothing (O-Town), Gimme Some Loving/Sweet Soul Music, Sanctuary, Black Box II.

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Best Film: The Visitors, In The Air, Fuel Knock, Propaganda, First Light.

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Favourite Song: una canzone come nasce, The labirint waltz, Just Like a Baby, Once In A Lifetime, Died In Your Arms (Intonation feat. Joee).

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Best Film: 8, O Pastor, Nova Sintra, Eternity, Erlktsnig.

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Favourite Song: All I Wanna Do, Shimmer Then Disappear II (from Jaal Ab Dullah), dust pneumonia blues, Mas Alla, MOONRIVER (ORIGINAL MIX; ANGELFALLS).

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Best Film: Legends Never Die, Blissful Mountain View, Partisan (Caliban), prostitution, Farthest Shore.

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