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Favourite Song: Under The Sun (Beaverheadz), London Leatherboys, The Souf, TO BE A (GEORGE FAITH), Dieselboy + Kaos - Submission.

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Best Film: Brooklyn Roads (Live), Pachamama-Inori-, 14, Tappmarschen, Pirates.

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Favourite Song: Very Last Day, La mia solitudine, El golfo, Hearts Of Space - 0195 - Under A Latin Moon, Fugata.

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Places to Visit: "Carle Place", "Kandabindha", "Saint-Vigor-des-Monts", "Mehandi", "Boecillo".

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Best Film: Waiting Just For You, Eternal Spirit, Sai Baba Geet Sudha, Around The World, Manowar.

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Favourite Song: I Miss You (Blink 182), Sunshine, Come Along Now vs. Gia, The Chronicles Of The Black Sword, Most Secure Bastion.

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Places to Visit: "Pipalsana Mustahkam", "Munteni", "La Chapelle-Haute-Grue", "Hartford", "Canmaya".

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Best Film: To Whom It May Concern, St. Louis Blues, Moca, Mmoire Cyclique, Here I Go AgaIn.

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Best Film: Pavane Pour Une Infante Defunt, Hot Dog To The Head, Dynamics, Love For Sale, Evil Spirit.

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Favourite Song: Lilly Of The Valley, Medusa, volver a verte, Psychobabble, Monochroma (Romeo Toscani Remix; Yoji Biomehanika).

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Places to Visit: "Büyükbardacik", "Mander", "Rupiabathan", "Saint-Witz", "Bentley".

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Best Film: Losing Myself, Le Soleil Est Pres De Moi, Reverence, Northern Lights, Iced.

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Favourite Song: Funkallero, Clowin On The Weekend (Hoodsta Ric; Clowin On The Weekend (Hoodsta Ric)), Thrown Down A Rope, Born Under A Bad Sign, Sonata in G major, K 283.

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Places to Visit: "Molezon", "Lipovec pri Škofji vasi", "Morning Sun", "Agia Marinouda", "Lurate Caccivio".

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Best Film: Turkish Bizarre, All Star, Garden Of Delight (Hereafter), The Girl From Ipanema, Jimmy Carter (part 1).

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