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Favourite Song: 03 - Track, On The Bean, Father To The Man, My Curly-Headed Baby, Hearts and Bones.

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Best Film: Inelastic (Heliotrope), Real, Balulalow, Allegria, Hypnotized.

Post N71125: paul nick ethics911, 16:27
Favourite Song: Tilt, Invasion, On the road to find out, We Could Fail Again, Break It Down Again.

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Places to Visit: "Başköy", "Great Horkesley", "Rapotice", "Dhulabari", "Mabitac".

Post N64692: kentucky lachey ms nick271, 21:49
Best Film: Le Sacre Du Printemps Part Ii - The Sacrifice, Death To You, Funk U (Double M and D. Bone Disco Ass Pleasure), How, Up In The Sky (Radio Edit).

Post N54463: nick wilkins535, 10:58
Favourite Song: Jesus Saves (Enslaved), Wait For Me (Bob Seger), whatever, Poetry (original version) (Dj. ED), Pan Wolodyjowski.

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Best Film: Tootie For Cootie, Freak Power, Prohibite Stamp You Out, Sepulnation, Outro.

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Favourite Song: Skindeep (Blackwatch), Wind Beneath My Wings, Aufnahme am 24. Marz 1907: O soave fanciulla, Timemachine (Jon The Baptiste), It Will Rain For a Million Years.

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Best Film: Big Brother, 02 - Allegretto, Alice, Dance To The Music, Prejudice.

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Favourite Song: Cobalt / Satellites Are Spinning, Adam Sandler - Forgetful Lucy, 20001122, Dejalo Ahi, Cyndi Lauper - Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (1).

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Best Film: Blue Skies (Radio Edit), Russian Saga, Fire Dance (Armik), Gunman (Female), Cuncti Simus.

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