Pastor's Blog - God Luvs Us!!

    God Luvs Us!!

    Last night at Bible Study we had a great discussion about the correlation between God loving us (for reasons He is only privy to) and us obeying His commandments. Typically when someone commands us to do something the hair on the back of our necks flares up and we protest - inwardly or outwardly. But how different is our reaction when we know that the person commanding us LOVES us?

    Paul in Romans 2:4 throws out there the concept of the “goodness of God leading us to repentance” - Is it that more people don’t repent from that which displeases God because they aren’t aware that God is a real living being who so wants to be in a loving relationship with us all?

    And that His commandments actually aren’t for His appeasement, but our benefit - that we would be in a right mental, physical and spiritual state to receive His love?

    Are YOU aware of this??? God loves you. Does that change anything?



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