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    Real Revival

    My wife posted an A.W. Tozer quote on her FaceBook page that floored me. Here it is:

    I contend that whatever does not RAISE the moral standard of a church or community HAS NOT BEEN a revival from God. ~A.W. Tozer

    My thought is that by that definition we’d have to reclassify what folks often say is a “revival” as “just another church service and offering basket passing”. Now I will never diminish any genuine move of God where folks get blessed - even healed or even saved, but real revival seems to have an impact beyond a church service. It touches more than the few that make their way to the altar at the end of a meeting. It touches the entire church. It touches the community in which the church is set. It touches the region, the state and even the nation.


    Some revivals have touched the world. I’m reminded of this video posted on a Philly church’s website:


    Let’s pray and labor as guided for the kind of revival that Tozer defines. The kind that this video portrays. The kind that we so desperately need in our world, nation, state, town, neighborhood, church and our own hearts. The revival that changes the course of our lives eternally.



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